Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart – Independent Pole Fitness

Julie is a 32 year old Entrepreneur & owner of Independent Woman (uk) Ltd which incorporates Independent Pole Fitness, Ultimate Pole, Ultimate Pole Online, Ultimate Pole Work out and Glamoureyes lashes. 

She left school with 7 standard grades, 4 highers and no clue what she wanted to do with her life.  After a stint at university being unhappy with her course, she switched from business studies to beauty therapy and loved it.  She started with exercise to music training here and the ball started slowly rolling.

After a few years working and travelling – carrying out various roles including promotional work, cosmetic sales and even a short period as a playboy bunny for a casino in Rhodes she knew she wasn’t doing what she was meant to do.  Her interest in health and fitness remained and when she enrolled in some pole dancing lessons for fun, she quickly realised that there was a massive demand for fitness based pole workouts. 

She promptly trained for 6 months, left her job, sold her car and started her first business.  She started training people from home to help build the client base then embarked on setting up the first studie on 2007 – progressiong to other studios shortly afterwards.  The business now has 6 studios and over 500 clients regularly attending pole fitness classes.

The plan is to further expand the studios throughout Scotland and Julie is also about to manufacture and sell fitness poles with worldwide sales forecast in the next 6 months. This will be complemented by the production of a DVD and online training, enabling people to train from home, as well as launching a range of sports clothing and equipment to complement the pole workouts.

Finally, Julie is creating nationally recognised pole fit qualifications with an awarding body, which will allow the company to become a recognised fitness training centre.  They can then teach exercise to music courses along with educating people on how to set up their own businesses.

Pole fitness classes available in Glasgow, Clydebank, Coatbridge, Dundee & Cumbernauld

One response to “Julie Stewart

  1. I would love to join your classes. I live in Airdrie, please could you send me some info ? Thanks and hope for a speedy reply. Helen x

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